How to vent a dryer without a vent to outside

How To Vent A Dryer Without A Vent To Outside

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 08:54 pm

How To Vent A Dryer Without A Vent To Outside? It is without a doubt that when you intend to use your dryer, ensure that it vents fittingly. Venting safety is vital because it keeps your dryer from overheating. Although, most people who have dryers have dryers with vents to the outside.

On the other hand, venting a dryer without a vent outside can be a very challenging chore, especially for a homeowner who got a few complex projects underneath their belt. 

You could also vent your dryer in your home using an installed vent cover. As much as venting outside your home is ideal, you could get a professional to help if necessary.

This write-up will ideally proffer answers to these typical queries ranging from; is it possible to vent a dryer without a vent to the outside, steps on how to vent a dryer without a vent to the outside, how to vent a dryer outside, what happens if you can’t vent your dryer outside, and more.

Let’s get started, as you would benefit from an in-depth study of this guide!

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Is It Possible To Vent A Dryer Without A Vent To Outside?

Yes, it is possible! However, doing this could be a bit of work for non-professionals. Hence you can do this using the methods below;

  • Use of vent hose through a window.
  • Routing a vent hose up through your attic home’s roof.
  • Venting with an installed vent cover inside your home.
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Can You Run A Dryer Without The Vent Hose?

Of course, you can run your dryer without the vent hose, especially a ventless dryer. However, Americans are unfamiliar with this type of dryer, but it is most prevalent in Europe. A ventless dryer doesn’t vent to the outside; it recirculates the air within the dryer and filters all lint. Its mechanism is quite efficient, but it takes longer to dry clothes than the conventional dryer.

On the other hand, it is unsafe to run or use a traditional (convectional) dryer without a vent hose. A dryer without a vent hose would leave you perplexed like conventional dryers. They would require the vent hose to correctly remove heat, moisture, and lint.

What Does, Dryer No Vent To Outside Mean?

This dryer will remove moisture and heat produced in the dryer through a hose; perchance, it empties into a drain instead of pushing them through a vent outside the home.

is it possible to vent a dryer without a vent to outside

How To Vent A Dryer In The Middle Of The House?

If you own a dryer without an outside venting, you would require the steps below!

1.     Place The First Venting Hookup. 

Then, you would need to locate the initial periscope that routes through the floor. If found, place the periscope to make an angle of 90 degrees and adjust the tumble dryer and ensure that the periscope fits. Perchance, if it doesn’t work, get one that does!

2.     Installing The Next Periscope.

For the installation to succeed, go down to the ground floor and ensure that the main periscope is in the correct position. Then, connect the top part of the last one to the base finish of the previous periscope. Hence, the set-up should be like the subsequent periscope base opening, looking like the inverse heading of the best one fix with the dryer higher up.

3.     Sealing Of The Periscope

Apply for splash froth protection as you connect the periscope. Although, doing this would be very helpful in the long run, mainly when the tumble dryer is functioning. Ensure that it doesn’t damage the wind current with the part of the sealant as you avoid placing it within the vent, but rather outwardly.

4.     Fixing The PVC

Make your 4 to 6 inches of PVC adequate. I recommend you place the part of the PVC so that it would hang off the open base finish of the periscope. You can leave the water container beneath the PVC if you have enough space. In essence, heat build-up can land in the water as it would result in no danger of fire outbreak, which often comes along with venting.

Steps On How To Vent A Dryer Without A Vent To Outside

Check out the required steps below;

1.     Install Your Dryer Close To A Window

Pick a spot that is close to a window that is convenient for you to access. Your dryer shouldn’t obstruct walkways, and the window should be low enough to the floor to avoid stretching your vent duct.

2.     Acquire A Dryer Vent Kit

Take accurate dryer measurements and any other kit.

Then, go to hardware or home improvement stores to get your supplies, such as; a duct, a lint trap, collars for the vent, and other necessary tools. Ensure to get the correct size as regards your written measurements.

3.     Connect The Duct To Your Dryer

Attach the duct to your dryer and tighten it. Make sure you seal and latch down; don’t allow fumes and lint have some room to escape. Then, if any difficulty should arise, you could watch installation videos on YouTube or consult a professional.

4.     Check All The Seals

Recheck the seal, give the duct a gentle tug to ensure you tightened it, wiggle the collar, and be sure it doesn’t lose. Once done with the check, give your dryer a test run. At this point, you shouldn’t put on any cloth. Be careful to listen to any air that might try to escape from the vent duct.

5.     Put The Vent Out Of A Window

Before proper use, make sure you put the vent out of the window and secure the duct.

The above step should be helpful, but a ventless dryer should be an effective option in cases where venting is impossible, like renter homes.

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How To Vent A Dryer Outside?

Venting a dryer outside would need these simple procedures;

  • Determine the path of the vent duct, whether it would be straight or in a bent form- where you make an angle 90 degrees bending.
  • Open a small hole of 4 and ¼ -inches in the exterior wall. Although, you would need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the specific size of the hole. Bore a hole through the wood or concrete wall using a drill or masonry bit, respectively.
  • Secure the dryer vent cap on the wall exterior of your home using a screw. Connect the dryer duct (a 90-degree elbow would be helpful) to the vent cap pipe.
  • Secure your connection using a hose clamp.
  • Cut and fix the duct path to connect the vent opening to the exhaust outlet of the dryer. When combining all tubing attachments, ensure that you use a hose clamp.
  • Test run your installation as you inspect the vent cap and other necessary components.

Note: Regularly vacuum the internal vent system to keep your dryer working efficiently and prevent lint.

What Happens If You Can’t Vent Your Dryer Outside?

Peradventure you are in a situation where you can’t vent your dryer outside, you will face the potential hazards of running a dryer within your home. And these hazards include; 

  • Fire hazards due to lint blockage of the dryer vent can cause a dryer fire in your home.
  • Mold growth in different regions of your home.
  • High concentrations of carbon monoxide.
  • Effect of high temperature when the dryer is functional.

Although to avoid these hazards, you might opt for a ventless dryer, commonly used by the Europeans, rather than the conventional dryer.

2 Clothes Dryer Venting Options, On Amazon

Below are 2 clothes dryer venting options with high ratings on Amazon.

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Sealegen 2 PCS Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Vacuum Hose.

This dryer is one of the best on Amazon, with a high rating of 4.1 out of 5, and costs about $11.47. The dryer vent has effective kits that help to prevent fires caused by the failure of the dryer. You can also save money on cleaning and maintenance with high performance. Although not only that, it has two types of hoses that you can switch for use at any given time. To use this switching feature, you would need to remove the adapter and the hose connection to enable fixing to the corresponding long hose. You could buy it here.


Finally, you must make your dryer vent outside your home to prevent environmental hazards such as fire outbreaks, excessive carbon monoxide, and other serious issues. Notwithstanding, if you can’t vent your dryer outside due to certain conditions, you might be able to vent indoors. Howbeit, venting your dryer indoors has some disadvantages, even when you use some modifying kits to build an indoor vent.

So far, venting a dryer without a vent to the outside or within your home would require the help of a professional, but you could do it yourself. Do well to share this post with others!

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