Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox 2013, Causes, Reset & Turn Off Guide

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Chevy Equinoxes are designed with a technological to enhance ride and safety too. Although, with so many advancements by Chevy Equinox, such as Forward Collision Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Distance Indicator, Automatic Emergency Braking, HD Surround Vision, Front Pedestrian Braking, Stabilitrak Control System, and more. Still, the older models of Chevy Equinox have continued to have issues with its internal mechanism and StabiliTrak system. Hold on, and let’s look at the efficacy of the StabiliTrak control system.

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox 2013, Causes, Reset & Turn Off Guide

The StabiliTrak System is an advanced Electronic Stability Control System (ESCS) that enables your car to move in a straight linear manner as you drive, no matter the barrier on the way. 

It also uses sensors to ascertain the position of your vehicle’s steering wheels and tires, making them move in the same direction. Having wondered why the StabiliTrak light comes on or what it means. 

This informative article will bring to your understanding; what does it mean when my Equinox says service Stabliltrak, causes of Chevy Equinox Service Stabilitrak and check engine light, how to fix StabiliTrak Chevy Equinox, how to reset, service StabiliTrak Chevy Equinox 2013 after fixing it, 

how to turn off Stabilitrak on Chevy Equinox, does the 2013 Chevy Equinox Stabilitrak service light and abs light mean something, what is the Stabilitrak repair cost for a chevy equinox, and more.

What Does It Mean When My Equinox Says Service StabiliTrak?

Eventually, if you need more clarity about what Service StabiliTrak entails, be patient and study the below. Though your Equinox says, Service StabiliTrak significantly means that one or more vital components of the StabiliTrak for better system operation are faulty and need instant attention. 

In order words, StabiliTrak Service implies that some errors had come up on the system, which also works in line with the Traction Control System (TCS) found in all safety-standard vehicles. 

However, the essence of the StabiliTrak System in Equinox is to engage the steering wheel position sensor in your car, comparing the wheel’s position to the right steering stimuli for the proper movement of the vehicle in the proposed direction. 

So, when a fault or malfunction occurs, the Chevy Equinox StabiliTrak is altered, and you will not hit the road with high assurance and control over your vehicle’s motion. 

Moreover, the StabiliTrak system controls brake adjustments and torque correlation. Indeed, it is paramount to adhere to the call of the Service StabiliTrak to avoid damage to other vehicle components or accidents. Hence, your Equinox saying Service StabiliTrak could come with some symptoms like;

  • Hard shifting
  • Strange noise
  • Service Traction Control message
  • Limp mode or loss of power.
  • A StabiliTrak warning light.
  • Trouble codes appear at random.

Causes Of Chevy Equinox Service StabiliTrak and Check Engine Light.

It is indisputable that the components of the StabiliTrak System of your Chevy Equinox have plenty of challenges that affect the entire system and its functionalities, and then result in the service StabiliTrak and check engine light coming on. Although, the check engine light and the service StablilTrak do come on because of the following;

·      E85 Fuel/Faulty Fuel Pump

It is evident that when you use E85 fuel, the StabiliTrak comes on instantaneously and goes off when its tank is dry on the E85 fuel. Similarly, a bad fuel pump may often cause the StabiliTrak light to come on. Hence, absolute care should be vital for your vehicle to run on the appropriate fuel, and always check your fuel indication signs.

·      Faulty Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils

Faulty spark plugs and ignition coils may also cause the check engine light of your Chevy Equinox to appear on the dashboard.

·      Defective ABS Sensor

If the ABS is faulty due to contaminated debris or metal shavings, it might cause the StabiliTrak light to appear on the dashboard. So, it is necessary to check for bad ABS and replace it instantly.

·      Failed Alternator

A failed alternator in your Chevy Equinox can eventually cause the StabiliTrak light to come and, perchance, take weeks or days before any harm to the essential parts.

·      Faulty Connection

Indeed, it would be best if you replaced the faulty battery cable. Similarly, the battery’s terminals should also be connected rightly; hence do allow your vehicle computer system to check adjustments to avoid warning indications on the dashboard.

How To Fix Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox.

Having observed the StabiliTrak light come on due to some causes mentioned above and their consequent effect on your Chevy Equinox. The below steps are necessary to rectify the issue/malfunction of the StabiliTrak light through these;

Step 1: Pullover

Find a suitable location to pull over when your vehicle’s StabiliTrak light comes on.

Step 2: Turn off the engine

Turn off the engine for about 20 to 30 seconds to enable the system to refresh.

Step 3: Start the engine.

In essence, the warning light should disappear at the time stipulated time. Perchance it doesn’t, you should consult a certified mechanic to properly check and analyze the system for any further defection.

How To Reset, Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox 2013 After Fixing It

I recommend you study the steps to get the proper knowledge of resetting the service StabiliTrak Chevy Equinox 2013 but don’t press the manual button to avoid deactivation of the StabiliTrak. Though you could do this in two ways;

A Force Start-By Yourself

Step 1: You should turn the handwheel clockwise (do proceed to the next step if it doesn’t need servicing)

Step 2: Turn off your vehicle

Step 3: Pause for about 15 seconds.

Step 4: Press down the gas pedal at about 5 seconds, but if your vehicle has a manual transmission, you should use the clutch.

Step 5: The warning light should go off, but if it doesn’t, turn off the car and wait for about ten seconds before trying again.

Step 6: If it doesn’t, repeat the procedure for the light to go off.

By A Scan Tool

Step 1: Turn off the ignition

Step 2: Plug your scanner into the OBD2 port.

Step 3: Turn the ignition but don’t start the engine.

Step 4: Allow your scanner to analyze the vehicle for any issue.

Step 5: Write the fault codes.

Step 6: Disconnect the scanner and fix the problem (s) found. 

Step 7: Reconnect your scanner and ignite your engine after fixing the issue (s).

Step 8: Turn off the engine and reconnect the scanner.

Step 9: Allow the engine to rest for about 20 to 30 seconds, then turn it on.

At this juncture, the service StabiliTrak light should turn off.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak On Chevy Equinox

Since turning off the StabiliTrak on vehicles differ from vehicle to vehicle, that of Chevy Equinox is simple as follows;

  • Press the reset button on the cluster to reset the trip odometer as you turn on your engine.
  • Hold the Info button down for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Enter the secret code 1468.
  • “Stability is off” will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can turn on the engine and drive as well.

Does The 2013 Chevy Equinox Stabilitrak Service Light and Abs Light Mean Something?

Yes, they meant something important! Your 2023 Chevy Equinox StabiliTrak and ABS warning lights indicate that the traction control system is faulty due to an issue arising from the ABS since the same Control Module controls them.

However, they have the same internal self-diagnostic system. So, the failure of the ABS will affect the Traction Control System (TCS). 

What Is the Stabilitrak Repair Cost Chevy Equinox?

The cost of repairing or replacing a lousy StabiliTrak (TCS) in your Chevy Equinox depends on; the labor cost, which is $30 to $50, and the cost of the TCS part is $20 to $40. So, the range cost is between $80 to $190. Although this range of cost may increase if significant components relating to the StabiliTrak of your vehicle are damaged, the price will range between $200 to $400 for your Chevy Equinox.

I recommend your employ a certified mechanic to diagnose all possible causes before repair and replacement commences.

Does The Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox 2015 Affect The Engine?

Yes, it affects the engine since the service StabiliTrak’s appearance reduces your vehicle’s speed if it is in a limp mode. Also, your engine will experience increased gas mileage, irregular shifts, and improper acceleration, especially for Chevy Equinox.

Will Having The Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox 2016 Light On Cause An Accident?

Yes, it might cause an accident; if you turn off the Traction Control System/ Stabilitrak Light immediately, as the light shows up without following the fixing and resetting procedures I have shortlisted above, thereby resulting in your car skidding and spinning, leading to damage to many components and accident.

Can You Drive With Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox 2012 On?

Though the Service StabiliTrak isn’t bad and your Chevy Equinox doesn’t come to a complete stop, I state categorically NO, don’t drive.

Since the StabiliTrak helps you drive in a straight line by monitoring and adjusting the steering system, braking system, and traction system of your vehicle using its sensors to find out the position of the steering wheel and tires and also bring to your notice if it couldn’t make automatic adjustments to get the system under control.

Hence, it will be wise not to drive if you have the service StabiliTrak light on because the cause of this light coming on is a symptom of several issues which will result in loss of mechanical power and hard shifting in the gear system, strange noise, and many more.

To be in a safer position, I recommend you fix or rest the StabiliTrak system using the steps above I have outlined and not cause more harm to your vehicle’s vital components and accidents.

Conclusion on service stabilitrak chevy equinox 2013

In sum, the StabiliTrak light on Chevy Equinox is not a bad sign but rather a way of telling you that your vehicle needs attention.

The essential function of the StabiliTrak technology is to guide and protect you from obstacles and make your wheel and tires align with your vehicle’s steering position sensor to enhance safety measures.

Significantly, the StabiliTrak light comes on because of some damages or faults in ABS, improper connection, faulty spark plugs, faulty ignition coils, and more propel the StabiliTrak and check engine lights to come on.

Nevertheless, in most complex situations where your car would have stalked in a muddy area, disabling of the StabiliTrak for more traction will be vital to enhance the chances of good traversing without causing damage to any brake or steering components.

You know the steps of fixing, resetting, and turning off the StabiliTrak; you won’t need more hands than required.

However, consult your certified mechanic for proper diagnoses and effectiveness if the StabiliTrak can’t go off quickly. Do have an excellent ride, and like and share this post with others.

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