Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light To Come On

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Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light To Come On? Interestingly, vehicle manufacturers have continued to pack more safety features in most modern vehicles. However, one of these safety features that has been available for over 20 years is the traction control system (TCS). The TC system initially meant for GMs is finding its way into most automobiles; perchance, it is a great thing. 

The TC system can be a lifesaver in complex situations as it is an outstanding safety component of your vehicle. It would be wise to know what it would signify and what you could do if you observe the illumination on the dashboard. 

Among other causes of TC light coming on, a bad alignment can also trigger the overall stability of your vehicle and its drivability. But, if the TC light illuminates; and stays on, there could be an issue with the wheel alignment.

Moreover, this article will address and tender solutions for these typical queries ranging from; can bad alignment cause the traction control light to come on, what would cause my traction control light to come on, how do I fix the traction control warning light, how much does it cost to fix traction control light, and more.

So far, a thorough study of this guide would benefit you. Let’s get started!

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light To Come On?

Of course, a bad alignment can cause the TC light to come on. Although, a correct wheel alignment would help to keep your vehicle’s wheels running straight and faultless. Conversely, having bad alignment, your tires would wear out quickly. It is readily one of the most common causes of TC light coming on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Notwithstanding, you must keep your wheels well aligned all the time. Perchance, you would have many benefits like; high fuel efficiency, longer tire lifespan, and better overall performance.

Hold on, let’s look at some common signs of bad wheel alignment;

  • Squealing tires during acceleration
  • Bumpy ride
  • Pulling your vehicle to one side
  • Shaking and vibration during acceleration
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Uneven or extreme tire wear

What Would Cause My Traction Control Light To Come On?

The cause of your TC light coming on would be defective TCS in the form of a fault from the wheel speed sensors. Wheel speed sensors are in each hub, and the track speed of your vehicle is about one another as they also send information to the TCS via the ECU about the speed and direction of the wheels/tires.

Peradventure they fail, it would send wrong information to the traction control system (TCS), triggering the TC light to come on.

Similarly, other components that would cause the TC light to come on include the following;

What Does It Mean When Your Traction Control Light Comes On And Stays On?

Suppose your traction control illuminates and stays on. In that case, its components could have several problems, such as the speed wheel sensor, steering angle sensor, ABS module, programming errors, low tire pressure, bad alignment, low brake fluid, and a few others. These issues would affect the TCS, which regulates the steering and stability of your vehicle as it engages when it detects any loss of traction.

The stability of your vehicle is efficient using the help of electronic sensors on each of the four wheels, which work in tandem with the PCM as regards the performance and stability of the steering in unfavorable weather conditions. The TC also help to decrease the engine speed as it determines which of its wheel it would apply the brake, as it avoids sliding and promotes stability.

In most cases, the TC light may illuminate the dashboard and require you to reprogram the system. As such, you need the services of a professional mechanic.

Why Is Both My Traction Control Light On And My Traction Control Off Light On?

The TC and TC off lights would come on in your vehicle if you have a typical defection to the wheel speed sensors or even the ABS module. These two are the most common issues associated with the lights illuminating. Peradventure, you might need a scan such as the OBDII to inspect and interpret any trouble codes stored in your ECU. To use this device, you must be knowledgeable, or you could acquire the services of a professional for an effective process.

Read on to learn more!

How Do I Fix The Traction Control Warning Light?

The below steps would help you fix the TC warning light when it appears on your dashboard, but it might vary slightly regarding vehicle models.

Here you have your procedures!

For Chrysler, Fiat, RAM, and Dodge Jeep Vehicles

  • Run the engine as your vehicle is at a stop.
  • Check the switch, which could be the ESC button
  • Click and hold the ESC switch button for about 5 seconds.
  • You will hear a chime sound, and the instrument cluster will display ESC OFF.

It should be off; if not, you might have had a faulty TC module. And you would need a scan tool to ascertain that.

Toyota Vehicles

  • Access the VSC button.
  • Push and hold it for about 3 seconds to turn off both TRAC and VSC lights.
  • The TRAC and VSC warnings should disappear.

For GMC/Chevrolet

  • Access the TCS button.
  • Push and hold the button until the warning displays on the instrument cluster.
  • ESC light will automatically go off as the vehicle exceeds 35mph.

The procedures above should help fix your TC warning light.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Traction Control Light?

Fixing the TC light depends on the vehicle model, location, component, and labor cost. Although, you might fix it for a range of $50 to $1000. But if the TC and its parts are defective, you might spend more than $1,000 to fix it. You can preview this issue using an OBDII scan tool before replacing it.


Finally, for your vehicle to work correctly, it relies on many systems and sensors that function together. Eventually, if one of these systems and their components becomes defective, there will be warning lights on your dashboard.

Many factors constitute the TC light illuminating your dashboard, and a bad wheel alignment is no exception. It is without a doubt that you can keep the correct wheel alignment during your vehicle’s lifetime using the proper techniques. In as much, you shouldn’t drive carelessly into potholes, collide with objects, or even hit cubs. Perchance, these and many more factors will cause misaligned wheels in your vehicle.

So far, routine maintenance would help prevent most defection from developing into complex situations. I recommend contacting a certified mechanic if you have difficulty fixing the TC light or replacing any lousy parts. Although, the use of the OBDII scan tool would also be necessary for inspection and interpreting trouble codes.

So, look after your vehicle, and your car will look after you and your budget. Do like and share this post with others.

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