Meaning & Causes Of Service Traction Control Chevy Cruze

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Last updated on November 20th, 2022 at 09:53 am

The Servise Traction Control System (TCS) operation is vital in that it enhances your drive safety, especially on slippery pathways. It is one of the modern, sophisticated vehicle safety systems in this contemporary time.

Meaning & Causes Of Service Traction Control Chevy Cruze

Be it as it may be, the Service Traction Control Chevy Cruze is one common issue concerning Chevy vehicles and their models. The traction control is a trade-marked from the GM that enhances vehicle stability and safety; similarly, these systems exist for other brands of vehicles. The traction control system, also working in tandem with the electronic stability control system, can stop your wheels from slipping under low traction circumstances.

Moreover, this guide will address and tender solutions to these specific queries, ranging from; can I drive my car if it says service Stabilitrak, is service traction control a serious issue, what causes service traction control to come on, and more.

Howbeit, a thorough study of this guide would benefit you so much!

What Does It Mean When It Says Service Traction Control?

When your vehicle says service traction control, the system detects irregular performance as your tires lose grip with the road during windy, rainy, or icy conditions. As your tires slip, your traction control system begins to shift your power from the slipping tire to the tires that are not slipping (tires successfully holding grip) on the road.

The transfer of this power by the traction control system allows your vehicle to drive safely continuously in the right direction. It also means that your entire system isn’t functional if it turns/says service traction control during good weather conditions.

What Causes A, Service Traction Control Chevy Cruze?

The causes of service traction control Chevy Cruze are due to some of these reasons below;

·      Malfunctioning ABS

Both the ABS and the traction control share the same control module. If any problem should arise in the ABS, it would also cause the traction control light to illuminate. Be it as it may be, a service traction control on your Chevy Cruze will manifest immediately if this problem becomes a reality.

·      Faulty Traction Control Module

The malfunction of the traction control module, as it works in tandem with the ABS, would eventually disorganize the entire system, thereby causing the manifestation of the service traction control on your Chevy Cruze.

·      Bad Weather Conditions

Suppose the weather condition of your locality is too severe; you will have an increased traction control difficulty. For instance, if you live in a location with a lot of snow and ice on the pathways, the roads will undoubtedly be complex in maintaining traction.

Can I Drive My Car If It Says Service Stabilitrak?

Yes, you can if you choose to put off the Stabilitrak; perchance, there is no damage to the system, and you might be free to drive as required. You should know that the disabled system means your vehicle won’t have the needed traction control mechanism. So, if you are observant, you will notice that your tires will begin to spin and skid in slippery conditions.

As regards my experiences, I recommend that you only drive if your car says service Stabilitrak. The best thing you should do is to pull over, get a mechanic, or, if you could do it yourself, diagnose for trouble codes and proffer a solution, and then, if necessary, you can drive your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Traction Control System Generally?

The general cost of fixing the traction control system, including the computer and communication line, would range from $100 to $500. But, if your braking system fails, you must spend about $ 500 to $1,000. The overhead costs vary depending on your vehicle model, location, parts, and labor.

Is Service Traction Control Serious Issue?

Yes, service traction control is a serious issue to some degree. It is without a doubt that the service traction control system allows you to drive safely on the road, depending on the weather condition at that moment. Let’s take, for instance, a situation where you go on a lonely pathway on a typical day, and your service traction control light comes on; you would likely dive to an extent before getting help from a mechanic.

On the other hand, if your service traction control light illuminates on a rainy, stormy weather shift or slippery path where you would lose traction, hence you would be at greater risk for crashes if you should drive your vehicle. Diagnostic inspection should be done promptly for the car to function correctly.

What Causes Service Traction Control To Come On?

The causes of the service traction control coming on are the following issues below.

Here you have them!

·      Faulty Wheel Speed Sensors

These wheel speed sensors detect the speed and direction in which each wheel is rotating as connected to the traction control system and the engine control unit. Peradventure, these sensors become lousy and wouldn’t notify the traction control system of any change in the wheels. Then, the traction control system will lose traction, causing the service traction control to be significant.

·      Lousy Steering Angle Sensor

The work of the steering angle sensor is to calculate the angle of the steering wheel and the degree of turn. If this sensor becomes lousy, you expect the service traction control to come on your vehicle’s dash. A bad clock spring is evidence of stability control issues leading to service traction control manifesting.

·      Limp Mode Situation

When your vehicle enters limp mode, the service traction control will come on your dashboard. Perchance, the limp mode enhances the safety of the powertrain by allowing you, the driver, to get to a nearby mechanic rather than leaving you stranded by the roadside or resulting in a towing option.

·      Manual Override

The deactivation of the traction control or even the Stabilitrak control systems when trying to pull your vehicle out of a muddy or deep snowy situation; would trigger the service control light to come on since it will turn itself back on when you restart your vehicle.

·      Programming Issues

If, perchance, a programming issue occurs due to current programming errors. This condition might also affect the proper functioning of the traction control system, and the service light would be significant. It would only take a professional mechanic particular to your vehicle to fix this programming problem.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Traction Control On Chevy Cruze?

The cost of fixing the traction control on a Chevy Cruze ranges from $100 to $500 for the traction switch, control module, wheel sensor, and labor. Have it at heart that the above price may vary as regards your location and vehicle year.

Service Traction Control Chevy Cruze

Chevy Cruze or any modern GM vehicle has the service traction control as a pioneering and vital safety feature. It is designed with the ABS using complex-system sensors to detect the positions, directions, speed level, and how practical the wheels (tires) are on the road. Without the service traction control on the Chevy Cruze, you wouldn’t get safety details regarding your vehicle’s operation from ECU.

Service Traction Control

The service traction control is a signal on the dashboard indicating that the traction control system has noticed some adverse driving conditions that would quickly affect your vehicle’s safety. Howbeit, once your vehicle tires begin to lose traction control (tire grip) on the road due to some harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, sleet, or even possibly through pools of water on the path-way, the service traction control would illuminate your vehicle’s dashboard.


Finally, you can’t downplay the efficacy of the traction control system as it ensures safety as you drive along the road, whether in favorable weather conditions or not. 

However, if you discover the service traction control, it is not a time to manage your vehicle, drive it around, or even think of when it will be convenient for you to check on it. Be sure to pull over, as I recommend you employ the services of a certified mechanic who will diagnose the source and cause, proffer a solution, and, of course, guesstimate the costs of fixing. 

Notwithstanding, beware of the causes of service traction control, as I have detailed in the above work. Like and share this informative guide on the meaning & causes of service traction control Chevy Cruze with others!

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