Maint Reqd Light Meaning, Causes & Reset Easy Guide

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Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 09:29 pm

Suppose you’re wondering why the MAINT REQD light comes on when you start your vehicle. Invariably, there is no cause for an alarm when this happens. The maintenance required light has a link with your vehicle mileage and when you previously set the light. This light tells the driver that your vehicle will need some maintenance service soon.

Regarding this service light, you would need a certified service technician to help diagnose your vehicle’s maintenance needs and provide necessary condition services for an engine oil change, timing belt, or even a tune-up.

Howbeit, this article will address and offer solutions to these specific queries, ranging from; does Maint Reqd mean oil change, how do I turn off Maint Reqd, how long can you drive with oil Maint Reqd, how long can I drive with Maint Reqd light, how to reset Maint Reqd light Toyota Camry what do Maint Reqd mean, what does Maint Reqd light mean, causes of, maintenance required light flashing, and more.

A thorough study of this guide would be in your best interest.

maint reqd light meaning
maint reqd light meaning

Maintenance Required Light Flashing

Unlike the check engine light, the maintenance-required light flashes at a preset interval of 4,500 to 5,000 miles for most vehicles. However, regarding a few cars, this maintenance required light flashing will come at 60,000 miles mileage or a more significant number where you will know that you need a major tune-up. For instance, at 5,000 miles, most brands of Toyota vehicles would have maintenance services such as; tire rotation, multi-point inspection, inspection and adjustment of fluid, and filter and engine oil change for maintenance required light flashing. But for other makes and brands, these maintenance services may vary.

What Do Maint Reqd Mean?

The Maint Reqd means Maintenance Required light. This warning light tells you about the regular maintenance your vehicle might need within a short while. Although it is not a situation that would spring panic, it is a reminder.

What Does Maint Reqd Light Mean?

The Maint Reqd Light means an indication on the dashboard that lets you know that you would need to have maintenance service for your vehicle. This light comes on automatically every 4,500 miles for about 3 seconds before it goes off and reappears at about 5,000 miles. Perchance, it is vital to know that this light doesn’t imply that your vehicle is damaged; you can still safely drive your car while the light is on the dash.


Causes Of, Maintenance Required Light Flashing

It is indispensable that the maintenance required light is a pre-programmed reminder that would result in a light flashing on the dashboard of your vehicle at a specific period. If this light eventually comes on, the causes would include dirty engine oil, low oil pressure, faulty oil pressure sensor, weak timing belt, lousy oil pump, and necessary tune-ups. It is ideal for making the necessary changes as regards the warming caused by the maintenance required light flashing without delay.

How To Fix Maintenance Required Light Flashing When Car Starts?

If you’re wondering how to fix the maintenance required light flashing when your car starts, the procedures below will help improve your vehicle within a few minutes.

Here you have them!

  • Put on the ignition switch.
  • Make your Trip display to ODO mode.
  • Put off the ignition switch.
  • Push and hold the Trip meter button as you turn the ignition switch.
  • Release the Trip meter button as the light illuminates for a few seconds.
  • Put off the ignition switch.
  • Then put on the ignition as you check for the maintenance required light is off. If the light continues to flash, begin the procedures from step one again.

The above procedures apply to; how do I turn off Maint Reqd.

Why Is My Maintenance REQD Light On?

Your maintenance REQD light is on because the manufacturers have programmed your vehicle to remind you that your car needs essential maintenance services such as engine oil and filter change or even tune-ups at a specific interval, unlike the check engine light.

Does Maint Reqd Mean Oil Change?

Yes, it means oil change in all most vehicles, if not all. Notwithstanding, an oil change is one of the essential maintenance services which the Maint Reqd reminds you of during the preset interval of 4,500 to 5,000 miles.

How Long Can You Drive With Oil Maint Reqd?

By research and experience, you would have about 500 miles or 2 weeks before the oil Maint Reqd light becomes an issue which might lead to some mechanical damage in your vehicle. But the stat above depends on your driving habit. Hence, it would be best if you contact a professional as soon as possible.

How Long Can I Drive With Maint Reqd Light?

You can drive for 500 miles after the first Maint Reqd light has flashed for 3 seconds at about 4,500 miles before you reach a 5,000 miles mark. At the interval of 5,000 miles, the Maint Reqd light would become steady for about 15 seconds or more. You needed to have the required maintenance service on your vehicle to avoid causing damage to your engine.

How To Reset Maint Reqd Light Toyota Camry?

Resetting the Maint Reqd light on your Toyota Camry requires these simple steps below.

  • Put on the ignition, but don’t start your Camry.
  • Switch the Odometer if the early model or Trip Display to Trip A if the recent model of the Toyota Camry.
  • Shot off your ignition.
  • Press and hold the Trip meter button or Trip A button as you turn on the ignition.
  • The light would flash for a few seconds with blank lines on the ODO screen and fades, as it turns off when the lines disappear.
  • Release the ‘Reset’/ Trip meter button.
  • Once again, put off the ignition to ensure the light goes off entirely as the Odometer reads zero. But if it doesn’t go off, repeat the above procedures.

Maintenance Required Light Flashing When Car Starts

Although it is normal for the maintenance-required light to flash when you start your vehicle, if it stays for more than 3 seconds, it indicates that your car needs essential maintenance services sooner than later. However, when this light flashes, have it at heart that it is not for any damaged parts on the engine but a reminder for necessary service based on the specific interval you have with your vehicle.

Toyota Maintenance Required Light Reset

The handy guide below should help reset your maintenance required light on your Toyota vehicle.

  • Insert your key on the ignition as you turn it to the first position; that’s the position before you start your vehicle.
  • Press and push the Trip meter button on the dash and turn your key to the second position.
  • Still hold the odometer button for about 8 to 10 seconds. This hold should cause the light to flash and beep, then turn off.
  • Release the odometer button after the flash is off, then start your vehicle. But if the light stays on, repeat the above procedures once or twice to turn it off completely.

Peradventure, you’re still running into problems regarding this Maint Reqd light; it is time to take your Toyota vehicle in for service.

Why Is My Maint Reqd Light On?

The Maint Reqd light on the dashboard light on because of essential maintenance services like oil change, filter change, and a few others that your car might need at a specific period. Your manufacturer had programmed the Maint Reqd Light to manifest at a particular interval of 4,500 to 5,000 miles for the efficient running of your vehicle.


Finally, regular maintenance service is crucial to keeping your vehicle running smoothly for thousands of miles. Contemporarily, vehicle manufacturers have made it possible for modern technology in cars to track down when service is due in any vehicle with the help of a reminder on the dashboard.

So far, this maintenance-required light might be annoying and a distraction if you need to learn how to turn it off. Fortunately for you, I have made a simple resetting step on how you could put off the Maint Reqd light when it comes on and after you might have been through with your maintenance services. 

In case of any difficulty, don’t fail to consult your manufacturer’s guide. Perchance I hope the above work will serve you greatly. Do like and share this informative post with others! related Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars How It Works (Pros And Cons)

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