how to change transmission fluid chevy silverado 1500

How to Change Transmission Fluid Chevy Silverado 1500

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If you are looking for how to change transmission fluid chevy Silverado 1500 then this post is for you. I will 2003 chevy Silverado transmission fluid change and 2004 Tahoe transmission fluid change steps. Transmission Fluid Leaking From Bell Housing, In Front & Flywheel?

Also will answer some of your transmission fluid, questions such as: What is the 2003 chevy Tahoe transmission fluid capacity

  • What is  2001 chevy tahoe transmission fluid capacity
  • What is 2004 gmc sierra transmission fluid capacity
  • What is 2006 chevy express 2500 transmission fluid capacity
  • What is  2004 silverado transmission fluid capacity
  • how to drain torque converter 4l80e?
  • 2000 gmc sierra 2500 transmission fluid
  • 2004 chevy express 2500 transmission fluid capacity

So with these in mind lets into the topic fully.

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How to change transmission fluid chevy silverado 1500

A car transmission needs regular fluid to lubricate all its components for better and high performance.

It helps to protect the components in the transmission from rusting. The transmission uses the gear train and gear to provide speed from the engine to the wheels.

A Chevrolet truck transmission fluid needs to be changed regularly because it helps it to shift accurately.

It runs by bands that shift the vehicle when the speed of the engine is too great for the current gear.

It works on the pressure from the hydraulic fluid. The fluid can become impure or break down after years. To maintain the life of the transmission, the fluid needs to be changed and filtered regularly.

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2003 Chevy Silverado transmission fluid change

To change the transmission fluid from chevy Silverado, you will need a crescent wrench, socket wrench, socket set, drain pan, brake cleaner, transmission filter, fluid, and pan gasket.

First, you need to remove the pan. To do that, you need to look for the transmission which is normally located underneath the truck and slightly behind the motor.

Before unbolting it, you should check for a drain plug so that you can drain the transmission pan. Then, lose the pan with a crescent wrench.

Unscrew the bolts around the pan and lower it once it is unscrewed. Then unscrew the filter using a wrench.

You will also have to get a new filter. Now, make sure you clean and empty the drain pan. Wipe it clean with a brake cleaner and this will help clean any fluid remnants. Scrape any metal shavings too. It needs to be in good condition before you fix it.

The next thing to do now is to reinstall the pan. Now fix the new filter to the transmission using the socket wrench.  Make sure the ring on the suction side of the filter is firmly attached to the filter.

Now, put the gasket on the transmission pan and be sure it is fixed incorrectly. After putting the pan at the bottom of the transmission, start the bolts at the same time before tightening. After you have tightened the bolt, you can now proceed to fill it with fluid.

Filling transmission liquid

Open the hood of your truck to get to the engine compartment. Find the transmission oil dipstick which has a red cap and insert a funnel into where the dipstick is. Now, you can pour in the fluid.

Put in 5 quarts of fluid and keep checking the oil level so that you won’t overfill it. Now start the car and let it run for some minutes. Shift all the gear and place back in the park. You can now check and fill if the level is low. Return the dipstick and lock it to the tube.

2004 Tahoe transmission fluid change

Before you proceed to change the transmission fluid of your 2004 Tahoe, you need to warm up your car first to get it ready.  Then put a drain pan below the transmission to drain the old fluid and then remove the bolts and the pan and lower it to the ground.

You need a good gasket scraper to remove the gasket on the pan and transmission. Then remove the clips holding the old filter. You will have to get a new filter since you are changing the fluid. Position the pan very well on the transmission. Now, make sure to tighten the bolts very well to hold them where they are supposed to be. Following the procedures written in your owner’s manual, refill the transmission. Do not overfill it.

Now, you will have to run the engine of the car to warm the transmission fluid. When doing this, make sure you check how the transmission is functioning and if there are any leaks. Then check the dipstick for the level of fluid and make sure you do not overfill.

FAQs on Silverado 1500 Transmission Fluid Capacity

What is 2003 Chevy Tahoe transmission fluid capacity?

It is an automatic transmission and required 15.8 (15.0 L) quarts without an engine oil cooler and 15.4 (14.6 L) with engine oil cooler.

What is 2001 Chevy Tahoe transmission fluid capacity?

The 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe is a 4L60E transmission that takes about 13.6 US quarts.

What is 2004 GMC sierra transmission fluid capacity?

The GMC sierra transmission fluid type is Dexron VI ATF. When changing the filter, it takes 5.0 quarts (4-speed auto), 6.0 quarts (6L50/6L80), or 6.3 quarts (6L90). The capacity when it includes an inverter is 12.0 quarts (4-speed auto), 12.4 quarts (6L50/6L80), or 12.4 quarts (6L90).

What is 2006 Chevy express 2500 transmission flu capacity?

The 2006 Chevy express 2500 takes from 12 to 16 quarts of transmission fluid.

What is  2004 Silverado transmission fluid capacity?

The fluid capacity for 2004 Silverado is 2004 7.3 L and 12.8L.

How to drain Torque converter 4l80e

Park the vehicle on a leveled surface and put it in the brake. Then, open the hood and let the transmission cool for 30 minutes. Now you need to check your manual to know the capacity of your car’s transmission. The total transmission will include the fluid inside the converter. Get enough fluid for the converter.

Disconnect the transmission cooling line and drain it. It is usually connected to the radiator. Now you proceed to drain your Torque converter.  Start the car again and put the transmission gear in a neutral position. At this moment, fluid will be drained so you can place a pan under it.

After this, put a funnel at the opening of the dipstick tune and start pouring in transmission fluid as the former one is draining. Move the transmission through the gears when you have drained and replace about 3 quarters at the same time. Once it moves through reverse and all the gears, move it back to its neutral position.

Once you have replaced the fluid, switch off the engine of the car connect the cooling line back and start the car again.

2000 GMC sierra 2500 transmission fluid capacity

The 2000 GMC sierra 2500 transmission fluid capacity with automatic transmission is 12.6 quarts (11.9L) and manual transmission s 12.9 (12.2L)

2004 Chevy express 2500 transmission fluid capacity

The 2004 Chevy express 2500 transmission fluid capacity is 12 to 16 quarts.


Before you change the transmission fluid of your vehicle, you need to be sure it is the right one. There are two types of fluid: manual and automatic. The only way to be sure of the one that is right for your specific vehicle is to check the manual of our car.

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