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At Oil Temp Meaning, Causes & Fix for Subaru AT Oil Temp Light Flashing

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 07:24 pm

If you have at oil temp Subaru light flashing, this is the post for you to read. Whether you have at oil temp Subaru outback 2014 case or at oil temp Subaru forester and at oil temp Subaru forester 2015, you just have to stick around.

Subaru AT (Automatic Transmission) oil Temp Light flashing may be caused by different factors.

The IAT temp light will flash if there was an electrical fault in the tranny at some stage in the last maneuver.

The essence of the AT oil temp light flashing is to point out to you the need to pull the codes. If you are unsure of how to pull the codes, then it is essential you take your car to a dealership.

They should be able to detect the cause for Subaru AT oil temp light flashing and proffer ways to fix the fault.

So, you may be driving and you’re AT oil temp light begins to flash. This article analyzes the meaning, causes, and how to fix Subaru At Oil Temp Light Flashing. So before continuing, also check out this post where I showed you the causes of Subaru Oil Consumption.

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At Oil Temp Meaning: What is the AT Oil Temp Light?

The AT oil temp light is intended or devised to automatically flash warning light when there is a fault in the Subaru car computer system or if it is malfunctioning whatsoever.   The Subaru AT oil temp light may come on in different cases.

Sabaru AT Oil Temp Light Flashing

Subaru AT Oil Temp Light Flashes when you are on road or when running the engine, it means that the temperature of the transmission is too high. Normally, the maximum temperature of the automatic transmission is 200 degrees.

Therefore, it indicates a problem when the temperature goes higher than this. When this happens, the light begins to flash indicating a problem.

At this stage, it is not advisable to run the engine with the AT oil temp light flashing as this can lead to transmission failure.

The cost of fixing a transmission failure is very expensive, so it is best to avoid the problem from developing in the first place. One of the major causes of transmission failure is overheating.

How to Fix Subaru AT Oil Temp Light Flashing When Driving

This is nothing much you can do when thinking of how to fix at oil temp for your Subaru car. 

However, if you are driving and notice that your Subaru AT oil temp light begins to flash, what you need to do is to immediately stop your car and park in a safe spot.

Then let the engine cool or go idle till the light eventually turns off.

However, if you ignore the AT oil light flashing and keep driving the car in that condition, may ruin your transmission and incur additional expenses.  

This is just a temporary call for action till you take your car to an auto-repairer to fix the problem.

At Oil Temp Subaru Impreza:  Automatic Transmission Control System Warning

AT Oil Temp Light Subaru Impresa flashing or AT Oil Temp Subaru forester flashing when you start your engine, it may point to a defect in the AT control system.

When this happens, you need to immediately confer with your Subaru dealership to check and fix the fault.

There are some issues you can check yourself just to be sure of before conferring with the dealership.

No 1. Check the Oil Level for Your 2013 Subaru Outback At Oil Temp Light

If you notice that the AT Oil Temp Light Subaru Impresa is flashing, you can confirm what exactly the issue is by first checking the oil level of your transmission fluid to see how low it is.

If you’ve confirmed that it is low, you can gradually add fluid until you get to the right level. Add the fluid little at a time because you can damage your car if you pour excess fluid at a go.

No 2. Check and change your transmission fluids

This action when looking at how to fix at oil temp in Subaru is to check your car’s transmission fluid level. If the fluid is low then you won’t change it stop the oil temp light flashing while you drive.

Changing Transmission Fluid

When changing your car transmission fluid, it is best you let the car cool down first before.

It may also help to change the Automatic Transmission Fluid and filter to see if the fault would be resolved.

Most drivers wonder if it is ideal to change the transmission fluid in their vehicles.

The fact is, it is considered safe and okay to change your transmission fluid yourself, provided you do it correctly.

Most people are conversant with changing the car engine oil, but changing the transmission fluid can be quite tasking for them.

Changing the engine oil is equally as important as changing the transmission fluid.

It is important to change the transmission fluid as at when to guarantee the permanence and performance of your car.

These steps can be applied irrespective of whether is an at oil temp Subaru outback 2014 or  2013 Subaru outback at oil temp light including the one Subaru listed below:

  • 2012 Subaru Impreza at oil temp light
  • 2009 Subaru forester at oil temp light flashing
  • at oil temp Subaru Impreza 2013

so those are basically the 2 quick at oil temp light flashing fixes or things to look out for to stop the flash.

Now to prevent the oil temp from even coming up in the first place, you need to regularly check and change your Subaru fluid.

When Should I Change Transmission Fluid?

According to the recommendation of the manufacturers, car owners are to change their car transmission fluid after every 30, 000 miles or after every 2-year duration period.

In some cases, some transmission fluid will not require change until after the 100,000-mile mark or even higher.

However, it is advisable to change your transmission fluid at an earlier period if your car is subjected to hauling, towing, driving in extremely hot conditions, driving in constant traffic, and racing.

It is best to consult the manual concerning instructions on how to change your transmission fluid.

When Should I Not Change my Transmission Fluid?

In some cases, changing your transmission fluid can be harmful to your car. So, it is best to know the exact period for you to change the transmission fluid.  

When your transmission fluid has a burnt odor, this may indicate major damage. Old transmission fluid can weaken under intense heat produced by the transmission.

In severe conditions, the automatic transmissions have temperatures that are far higher than the temperatures of the engine.

If there is rubble in the transmission fluid, it means the main components are exiting. The debris in the old transmission fluid is pieces of metal that have worn off components in the transmission.

If the transmission fluid hasn’t been changed in over 100,000 miles, then it’s ideal to rebuild or replace it.

Neglecting the transmission fluid can lead to a more disastrous effect. Apart from changing your transmission fluid, it may also require you to flush it.

Which Subaru transmission fluid should you get.

Before wrapping this up is wanted to you show some Subaru transmission fluid you can get when you decide to change your Subaru fluid.

So blow are a pick of the recommended Subaru transmission fluid you should go for.


Now that we have looked at the AT Oil Temp light flashing whether it’s either at oil temp Subaru forester 2015 or at oil temp Subaru forester.

You should be able to tell what at oil temp means is and that oil or transmission fluid is the primary cause and when your transmission fluid needs to be changed or not.

The fact is that there are eight solenoids in the transmission and a temp sensor. So, a light flashing can be triggered by any one of those.

 If it has been a long time since you changed your transmission fluid, then it may be advisable to do so.

If the Subaru AT Oil temp light flashing is caused by overheating, then the light should come on after driving for some miles not necessarily on start-up.

If you are completely unsure of what to do, it is best to consult a professional auto-mechanic to rectify the issue on time in order to avoid further damage which may incur additional expenses.

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