How to Fix Trac Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

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Have you ever noticed the trac off Toyota light come and you are wondering what it is and how to turn it off or asked “where is the trac off button Toyota corolla” so you turn it off.

Well this post will be your guide on this topic.

It is well known globally that the Toyota Corolla is one of the Toyota car specs that presents the Trac and check engine light sometimes.

So whether you are experiencing the trac off and check engine light Toyota highlander or your case is 2010 Toyota corolla check engine light on and vsc off light flashing, the setup is still the same.

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Trac off Toyota: How to Fix Trac Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

Indeed, Toyota car manufacturers designed this Trac and VSC system to help in maintaining stability and control whenever you are driving on a slippery ground.

The Trac system work together with the VSC system.

Note that the responsibility of the VSC which is known as “vehicle stability control (VSC) in a Toyota Corolla is to prevent skidding while the TC is meant for protecting the car wheels from spinning on a slippery surface.

Although, there are Toyota Car models that come with a control switch which you can use to turn off the TC “traction control,” if the car happens to be stuck.

However, turning off or disabling the VSC system is a challenge because there is no control switch for it.

But note that the Toyota check engine light is an indication that shows when the car is overheating and having low oil pressure. So if any of these lights turn on, you should find out what the issue is.

So let’s begin with where the Trac off button is in the Toyota corolla

Where is the Trac off Button Toyota Corolla?

The Trac off button is positioned in different places for various vehicles. And for the Toyota Corolla, you can find the trac off button just below the vent just close to the steering by the left side. You might need to watch this video here to see this too.

How to Fix Trac Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

How To disable TRAC or VSC | Trac Off Toyota Corolla

You should be aware that turning off the TC/Trac and VSC system might be the best option for you if your car gets stuck in the fresh snow, mud, or swamp.

The reason for this is because the TRAC and VSC normally reduce the power from the engine to the wheels for easier control in case of the car slipping.

For those leaving in a snow neighborhood, it is recommended you turn it off so your wheel will perform better and move in the snowy or muddy ground.

Turning off TRAC Off Toyota Corolla (Trac off Toyota)

For those who would like to know how to Turn the TRAC off Light Toyota Corolla, here is what you need to do.

It’s very simple, Just push and release the switch to turn off TRAC. When you do this, the TRAC OFF indicator light will come on. Then you should push the switch again to turn the system back on and off, it all depends on what you want.

Here is a video which you can watch and learn more about turning on and off the VSC and TRAC off light Toyota Corolla.

Fixing the Trac off and Check Engine Light Toyota corolla Problem.

We will be showing you how to perform what we call the zero-point calibration to help fix the Trac off and Check Engine Light Toyota corolla issues.

1. You need to ensure that the vehicle is on a level surface, this is the first thing to do and it’s vital if it must work.

2. The next thing you should do is to find your battery and disconnect the positive and negative cable and then wait for 5 minutes.

3. Once done, you can then reconnect both the positive and negative cables back to the battery after 5 minutes and then locate the OBD also called “On board diagnostic connection port” which is used to plug the auto bi directional scanner into.

Please note that the OBD is located on the driver’s side somewhere underneath the dashboard.

4. Check for the OBD connection port for your vehicle to know what the terminal connection is, CG which stands for Charlie George.

Also, you need to know which terminal connection is the TS which stands for Tom Sam. However, this can be found on the repair manual for your specific vehicle.

5. Just find 2 small paper clips. Please ensure you don’t use large paper clips because they will not fit into the terminals.

6. Make sure to straighten the 2 paper clips and take one of the paper clips and slip one into the CG terminal making sure that the other end of the paperclip is not touching anything.

7. Collect the other paper clip and slip the ending side into the TS terminal making sure that the other end of the paperclip is not touching anything.

8. Collect the 2 paper clips and then one on the end to the right and the other on the end to the left.

9. Collect the free ends of the 2 paper clips, connect and disconnect them within 8 seconds as you can see in the video below (time: 2:16)

10. Please be sure that your front wheels are lined up straight and ensure that your steering wheel is centralized.

11. Put on your ignition key and turn it the other way without starting the engine. But make sure the shift level is in park position that is if it’s an automatic transmission. And if it’s a manual transmission, then apply the parking brake.

12. Please ensure you do not shake, vibrate or move the vehicle in any way when you want to perform this next step.

  • You have the car ignition key positioned on the ON position without starting the engine.
  • And there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 touches of the paper clips.
  • And you have the ABS light flashing and there’s the vs see light flashing.
  • Pay attention to how they’re flashing slow and not flashing together. Though the manner in which your lights flash may differ. It simply means the calibration data has now been cleared. You can then turn the ignition key off.
  • It’s ready to be re-calibrated.

12. Take hold of the 2 paper clips together turning the ignition key to the ON position without starting the engine.

13. Once done, wait for the ABS and the VSC or slip light to start flashing.

14. After which, both of the light flashing should be flashing faster now and flashing together. But always note that the way in which your lights flashes may differ.

15. What this means is that it has now been re-calibrated.

16. You can now turn your ignition key off and remove the 2 paper clips from the OBD connection port.

17. Then return the ignition key back to its on position. Once completed, the light should have been cleared now.

The final thing to do is to drive the vehicle as straight as possible at 25 miles per hour. (mph) or even faster for 10 seconds.

Here are all you need to know on how to perform a zero-point calibration and trac off and check engine light Toyota corolla.

I hope I was able to give you the right answer to the query where is the trac off button Toyota corolla”?

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