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What Causes Check Engine Light To Come On Honda Accord

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 08:31 pm

It can be worrisome if you are driving and you discover that the check engine light is on, the first question that comes to mind is what causes the check engine light to come on Honda accord?

Some person when this situation occurs, you may be considering whether to park your car immediately or continue your journey.

Unlike the usual belief that it is a sign that you need to service your engine as soon as possible, this sign may mean different things entirely.

What the light is trying to inform you about is that you need to check it as quick as possible in order to fix whatever problem it is.

What causes check engine light to come on Honda accord

It could be a symptom of a broken oxygen sensor, loose or missing gas cap, an old battery, faulty ignition system, bad spark plugs, transmission problems, or misfiring oxygen. How to Reset Check Engine Light Toyota Camry 2012, 2011, 2015, 2014 to 2004

The check engine light of your Honda Accord coming on suddenly is just a way of informing the driver that all is not well with the car.

With this, you will have to take it to a repairer so that it can be fixed immediately. If you ignore this warning and continue driving the car, it will cause more damage. The check light coming on might be a sign that there is poor gas mileage and the car is producing high pollutants. Whatever the problem might be, you need to schedule an appointment with your mechanic.

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How to fix blinking check engine light Honda accord 2008

A blinking check light in Honda accord 2008 is trying to pass a signal to the car owner. One or more components of the car might be faulty.

Some of the common causes of a blinking check engine light on honda accord 2008 model are ignition system which comprises of ignition coils, plug wires, and spark plugs.

Other cause of flashing and or blinking engine light are bad Fuel System  most commonly a bad fuel or fuel injector might cause your car to misfire triggering the check engine light start blinking or flashing while driving.

A quickly solution on How to fix blinking check engine light on Honda accord 2008 and above is to identify the main cause for your vehicle and then replace or fix the issue.

For instance if you nice that the spark plug is the problem, then you have to replace it.

Here is how  to handle a blinking check engine light caused by faulty spark plug.

Start by taking off the car ignition cables/coils and the engine cover with other stuffs that is covering it.

Then you need lookout for spark plugs usually located at the top of vehicles cylinder. Now you have to take of the spark plug when you have seen it.

Finally you now need the replace the plug with the new ones you got. Do this by first spraying lubricant directly on the plugs thread and then fit it in the spark plug hole and tighten it.

Now couple back the ignition cable/coils  and close the engine back as before and you are done.

Note:  Be sure that the new plugs you got has the same length and details as the bad one you removed. That is the only way the new plug will fit.

Please watch this video to see more ways to handle a blinking check engine light honda accord 2008 and above models.

What causes Honda Accord check engine light to flash 10 times?

Whenever you put on your car and you notice that your honda accord check engine light flashes 10 times then is means that either one or more of your car computer system is not fully set.

Usually this happens most  when you disconnect or reconnect your vehicles battery and this indicates that any of the following your car system component is not ready:

Car ignition, EGR system, oxygen air flow sensor, heated catalyst, fuel system,  and finally GGR system.

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