is it OK to drive with a bad oil pressure sensor

Is Driving With Bad Oil Pressure Sensor Ok (Oil Pressure Switch vs Sensor)

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 08:26 pm

Driving with bad oil pressure sensor, is it okay to ride with a failing oil pressure sensor?

Motor oil is one of the most important fluids that every vehicle needs. To keep the engine of your vehicle working perfectly, you need to maintain the right amount of oil pressure.

The oil is a lubricant that helps components in the vehicle move without any sort of restrictions and friction. When there is no oil, these components will experience friction which will cause overheating and then eventually destroy the engine of the car.

This is where the oil pressure sensor plays a very much important role in helping your monitor your oil and so, your responsibility is to ensure that the oil pressure doesn’t go bad but if it goes bad is driving with bad oil pressure sensor?

Well in this post I will discuss, will my car run without oil pressure sensor, is it OK to drive with a bad oil pressure sensor, oil pressure switch leaking symptoms, and will show you a brief comparison of oil pressure switch vs sensor so you can understand them more.

Oiling the engine regularly and as recommended will prevent excess damage the engine and its components.

When there is low oil pressure in the fuel tank, the oil pressure light gets triggered to inform the driver that something is wrong somewhere.

The oil pressure sensor is the component responsible for monitoring the pressure and sending a signal to the pressure gauge on the vehicle’s dashboard.

It is responsible for sending the signal which will trigger the dashboard warning. Without the oil pressure sensor, you will be blind to the condition of your oil pressure level.

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Will my Car Run Without Oil Pressure Sensor

Yes, your car will run with or without oil pressure sensor. though the oil pressure sensor does not immediately stop or affect the running of a car in any way, it is still not advisable or recommended to take that risk of driving the car when you know your vehicles oil pressure sensor is bad.

Think of the sensor as a messenger that conveys messages to people. Without the messenger, the people will be totally unaware of certain information, problems that might befall them.

The oil pressure is a major component of a car and should always be in perfect condition. It is responsible for triggering and informing the oil pressure light if the oil level is low or too high.

Without the sensor, the dashboard will not be able to convey the information in the form of a blinking light to the driver.

So, a car without an oil pressure is left in the dark. The oil light will not receive any information on whether the oil level is low or high.

This will totally keep the driver in the dark and will eventually damage the engine of the car.  Even if you check the oil level before driving your car, you can never be too sure.

What happens if a component responsible for pump oil suddenly breaks down or if the oil is leaking? You will be unaware and this will lead to engine damage.

Is it OK to drive with a bad oil pressure sensor

It is not OK to drive your vehicle with a bad or faulty oil pressure sensor. Oil pressure sensor is an important component of the car and is responsible of triggering the oil light on the dashboard.

If it is faulty, there would be no trigger and driver will be kept in the dark on the condition of oil. Motor oil is an important fluid in the car and should never be low or too high.

Even if it gets low due to unforeseen situation, you should be able to count on your sensor to inform you. However, if the sensor is bad, then you are risking damaging your car.

 A bad sensor is not expensive to fix. With a professional mechanic, you will be able to get replacement as soon as possible.

If you decide to risk driving your car and eventually ruin your engine, you will have to spend a fortune to rebuild or get another engine.

In this case, once you notice you have a bad sensor, stop driving immediately and tow your vehicle to an auto repair shop.

Oil pressure switch leaking symptoms

Constant blinking of the oil pressure light

One obvious sign of a leaking oil pressure switch is the repeated blinking of the oil pressure light. Even though this is a sign that the oil pressure is low, it could also be that the pressure sensor is not in its right condition.

To be sure about the problem, use your dipstick to manually check if the oil level is low. If it is not low, the oil switch might be faulty and due for urgent replacement.

Zero oil pressure gauge

This is usually an obvious symptom for those using older cars. This is because those cars usually have mechanical gauge which shows driver the readings of the oil pressure.

So, if the gauge is reading zero when the oil level is at the right position, then there might be problem with the oil pressure switch.

Oil pressure light is on

Most drivers will panic if the oil pressure light comes on in their dashboard. What you need to know is that sometimes, there is no problem wrong with the oil level.

If the light comes on when you are sure the oil is in its right condition, then you should check the oil pressure sensor for leaks. 

Brief  Comparison of Oil Pressure Switch VS Sensor

There is no much difference whatsoever between the oil pressure sensor and oil pressure switch. They both work together for the same goal.

The oil pressure switch turns on the light on the dashboard while the oil pressure sensor sends the warning to the dashboard which triggers the switch.

They are both doing the same work and people often use them interchangeably.

The job of the oil pressure sensor /switch is easy. They are components responsible for keeping track of the oil pressure in vehicles and then transmit whatever information they derive to the instruction panel.

Oil pressure sensor switch will send information gotten to the control module of the vehicle for calculations.

After the completion of the calculation, this information will be sent to the instrumental panel so that the warning light can be activated. 


Oil pressure sensor or switch can go bad as time goes on when they have been in use for so long however; it is your duty to ensure they in good condition all time.

When you notice they bad and you have not had time to go and fix them, you might want to know if it is ok driving with bad oil pressure sensor which I have answered above.

If your oil pressure sensor is working, a mere Oil leak will trigger the oil pressure light on your dashboard.

Once you notice this, you should take your vehicle in and get the sensor replaced. It is not advisable to continue driving your car with a bad oil sensor.

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