What Is Cat Delete ‘s Pros And Cons, Is It Illegal? (Pipe & Kit) 

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What is cat deletes, does cat delete increase hp, and is cat delete illegal? Find out in this article.

Your vehicle’s cat converter is vital for burning engine exhaust gases. The cat-con made of platinum and palladium material helps exhaust gases to become less harmful to the environment. A catalytic converter helps break down hydrocarbons into less harmful products like nitrogen, carbon (iv) oxide, oxygen, and water.

what is cat delete, cat delete pros and cons, is cat delete illegal?

Performing Cat delete is a straightforward process depending on where your vehicle is located but could be a controversial upgrade opinion. Removing the most significant bottleneck in your exhaust might seem interesting, but illegal in most places, especially in the US states. However, some vehicle owners go ahead with this upgrade. And it is often in those that usually take their cars to track. 

Without a doubt, cat delete has many benefits, but at the same time, there are some severe drawbacks. It is necessary to understand how cat delete works, as you would have to know the function of the cat con. Suppose you want to do a Cat delete but need to see how you would go about it; read on to learn.

This article will also answer these typical queries ranging from; what is cat delete, is cat delete illegal, cat delete pros and cons, does a cat delete make car louder, what is, cat delete sound, like, do test pipes replace catalytic converters, how much hp does a cat delete add, how to do a cat delete, and one cat delete kit may want to try.

cat delete pros and cons, cat delete pipe 6.0 powerstroke.

What Is Cat Delete?

A cat delete involves removing a car’s catalytic converter and replacing it with a straight or test pipe. It is a matter of choice.

You can do the cat delete through a step-by-step DIY guide or at a professional auto shop. Removing your vehicle’s cat-con may not have detrimental effects on performance. 

However, it might have a marginal power increase depending on the style and other necessary upgrades that you would install. If you delete your cat in the DIY terms, you might spend up to $50. If you engage in the service of a professional, you pay about $300 or more.

Is Cat Delete Illegal?

My answer is a Yes or No depending on the country you are resident.  Some countries or states have no law against performing cat delete or removing your catalytic converter. However, in some countries, the law makes it illegal if you temper with or delete your cat converter.  Therefore, the concept of cat delete depends on your state or country of residence.

For instance, some states in the US are not strict, while other places, such as California, will fine you for over-modification and pollution. 

This restriction is because a vehicle with a cat delete will produce high carbon monoxide during combustion. 

To this end, pollution would cause global warming.

On the other hand, a crucial issue with the cat delete is that your car will fail a Smog Test or MOT Test. As a result, you wouldn’t be able to register in areas where MOT tests prevail. It would be best to thoroughly research your residential laws before performing cat delete.

States where cat delete is illegal

  1. California
  2. West Hollywood
  3. San Francisco
  4. Santa Monica
  5. Denver
  6. Boulder etc.

Declawing or removing a cat is also illegal in most countries in Europe, as well as in Australia, Brazil, Israel, and Japan. 

how to do a cat delete

Cat Delete Pros And Cons

Since every coin has a head and a tail, cat delete has pros and cons. Focusing on the pros and leaving the cons isn’t better. However, it would help if you had much attention here before deciding whether to engage in a cat delete.

Let’s look at some exciting pros below;

Cat Delete Pros

1.     Better Gas Mileage

Removing the cat-con from your vehicle would automatically reduce engine back pressure. As this happens, the engine’s weight is less than when the cat con is on the car. It will significantly help increase your vehicle’s gas mileage and reduce fuel consumption.

2.     You Can Operate At A Reduced Engine Temperature

A cat delete will reduce your engine’s load and make it accessible to swift and release exhaust gases. Similarly, a cat delete also enhances airflow to the combustion chamber. And significantly, your engine’s operating temperature is reduced.

3.     Variety Of Fuel Options

Cars with cat converters would consume unleaded gasoline since lead-based gas affects the internal cat component. 

Cat converter hinders the use of some fuel types in the car. Suppose you delete the cat; your car will eventually explore and utilize several fuel options. Similarly, your vehicle will also have a high performance in fuel.

4.     Increase Horsepower

One of the significant cat’s deletes is the increase in horsepower. It is evident since the cat deletes creates a strong exit source for exhaust gases and minimizes engine backpressure.

Also, check out the cons below;

Cat Delete Cons

1.     Noise Pollution

Removing the cat would make your vehicle produce a disturbing sound in the neighborhood or street. However, any noise or sound above 85 decibels is unfavorable to human health.

2.     Failure To Pass The MOT Test

If you eventually have a cat deleted in your vehicle, it would fail an MOT test. According to the law, your car can have restrictions if you fail to pass the MOT test. Ensure you understand the MOT rules in your resident country or state.

3.     High Fuel Consumption

A cat delete is supposed to reduce fuel consumption, but many people have complained of the reverse case. A cat delete may trigger high fuel consumption sooner than later if not correctly done.

4.     Constitute Air Pollution

The cat-con has been responsible for taking off toxic unburned exhaust gases; if taken off from any vehicle will alter this function. As a result, the car would produce toxic gases that pollute the environment and harm the atmosphere.

5.     Lose Vehicle Warranty

If you do a cat delete in your vehicle, you will eventually void your cat’s exhaust and muffler’s warranty. Suppose your car is brand new; I suggest you don’t get a cat delete.

6.     Expensive To Practice

Without mixing words, tuning after cat delete is compulsory. The price of tuning might get up to thousands of dollars. Ensure you consider your budget before embarking on this project.

7.     Reduced Resale Value

Don’t delete the cat if you plan to sell your vehicle shortly. Doing that would make you lose the resale value.

what does a cat delete pipe do

Cat delete pipes are aftermarket exhaust pipes used to replace a vehicle’s catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is removed from the vehicle, and a cat delete pipe is installed. This allows exhaust gases to flow freely through the exhaust system, which may improve engine performance. It is vital to keep in mind that the removal of the catalytic converter is not allowed or legal in most states, as it is an emission control device required by law in most places. A vehicle without a cat may also emit more harmful pollutants if it is removed. This can have adverse effects on the environment as well as the public’s health.

does cat delete increase hp

A small increase in horsepower may be possible by removing the catalytic converter from your vehicle and replacing it with a cat delete pipe. The catalytic converter reduces harmful pollutants from vehicles’ engines by slowing down exhaust gases. This reduces the car’s horsepower by taking some energy from exhaust gases. However, the exhaust gases can flow more freely through the exhaust system by removing the catalytic convert and replacing it with the cat delete pipe, which may lead to a slight increase in horsepower. It is important to remember that this slight increase in horsepower may not be enough to justify the legal and environmental costs of removing the catalytic converter.

does cat delete increase hp? how much hp does a cat delete add?

Does A Cat Delete Make Car Louder?

Yes, of course! Someone will observe when a cat con is removed from a particular vehicle as regards the sound. A deleted cat would produce a distinctive sound that might excite or annoy some individuals. And a cat delete sound is super loud compared to other vehicles with their cat-con on them. The more audible sound of any vehicle having a cat delete could be fun in the streets.

What Is, Cat Delete Sound, Like?

The Cat delete sound is like a low growling sound in small engine vehicles. Similarly, it sounds like a fantastic deep-roaring sound in V8 (more significant) engines. However, the sound of Cat delete depends on the size of the engine.

how much hp does a cat delete add

Do Test Pipes Replace Catalytic Converters?

Yes, test pipes do replace catalytic converters. They are section piping that houses the cat-con in your exhaust systems. 

Suppose you remove the cat-con from your car to increase the exhaust flow. Using the test pipes creates less back pressure and better turbine flow in mostly turbocharged vehicles. 

However, it doesn’t have a filter, as you would also fail the emission test. 

On the other hand, using test pipes with resonators or even a mini muffler is an excellent option for a more profound and subdued sound. Most people use this setup since it is essential to tune the exhaust tone/volume to produce a deeper sound.

cat delete pipe

How Much Hp Does A Cat Delete Add?

The horsepower produced if you cat delete depends on the engine size. However, you could have a marginal horsepower of 5 to 10 hp for smaller engines and a significant horsepower of 10 to 30 hp at most for bigger engines. 

That said, a more significant size engine would have more excellent value for hp than a smaller engine size. 

You can even double your horsepower if you tune your vehicle after the cat deletes. Tuning calibrates your car’s computer (ECU) to provide the most performance.

Read on to learn more!

cat delete kit

How to Delete catalytic converters.

How To Do A Cat Delete?

To do a cat delete is quite a simple job if you are familiar with vehicles. If not, get professional help. You could take 1 to 3 hours as regards your experience.

Check out the step-by-step guide for deleting a cat-con;

  • Get a pipe extension of the same diameter as the exhaust system. Ensure you pay attention to the inner and outer diameters.
  • Jack up your vehicle to access the exhaust system. Use jack stands to secure the vehicle car as you work beneath.
  • Dismount your exhaust system as you lose the clamps or bolts.
  • Access the Cat-con on the right hand after the exhaust manifold. That’s before the resonator and muffler.
  • Use a reciprocating saw to cut the cat-con out. Ensure you don’t damage any part. If the vehicle has bolts or clamps, unscrew them.
  • Grab the replacement pipes weld or screw them in place of the cat-con.
  • Ask a friend to help you start your vehicle as you check leaks in your exhaust system.
  • Secure the cat-con since it is an expensive component.

Quite simple!

test pipe catalytic converter

is cat delete worth it? Watch this video to see a test pipe catalytic converter delete


Finally, cat delete is an exciting practice some car owners would love to do. Regardless of the fun, it is highly illegal in most countries and states. Eventually, if you live in a state like California, don’t even think of doing it. 

So far, cat delete has some benefits and drawbacks. Ensure that you take your time to make the right decision that would impact your environment positively rather negatively. However, I have outlined the step-by-step procedure for doing a cat delete for you. Stick to the laws guiding cat deletion in your residential area. 

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