Why is Kia Forward Collision Avoidance Assist not Working & Fix

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Why is your Kia forward collision avoidance assist not working? You see, the forward collision-avoidance assist system is an essential part of new-generation vehicles.

Why is Kia Forward Collision Avoidance Assist not Working & Fix

This revolutionary function performs the task of identifying stationary and moving vehicles or entities that may obstruct your car, 

how does kia forward collision avoidance assist works

In summary, a forward collision-avoidance assist system aids in alerting you before a collision happen. To prevent the crashing of your car while driving, this feature scans the road by using an advanced radar system combined with lasers and even specialized cameras.

Before a collision happens, cars are programmed to use seat vibrations, lights, or sounds to alert you of impending danger. 

Smart cars come with various methods for warning drivers, such as tightened seat belts and even automatic brakes. 

Continue reading to learn more about how your forward collision-avoidance assist system works and why is the kia forward collision avoidance assist not working, how to check forward collision avoidance assist system, and Why is my collision warning light on?

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how does kia forward collision avoidance assist works

How Do You Check Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist System?

The forward collision-avoidance assist system is an important part of a smart vehicle. 

To check your forward collision-avoidance assist system, follow the simple steps below.

  • The first step is to press the ‘Mode button on your steering wheel’s right side (depending on the car model). Make sure the vehicle is on while you do so.
  • In the next step, you should see the user setting on your instrument display.
  • Pick the forward collision-avoidance option from the navigation menu under the driver assistance section. 
  • To proceed, check whether late, regular, or early options from the Forward Collision Warning drop-down have been selected. 

By following the above-listed steps, you will be able to check your forward collision-avoidance assist system, and it should be fully functional.  Read also: Various Kia Connect Packages, Which is Best? (UVO & Massachusetts)

Fix For Kia Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Not Working

Fixing your car’s Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system is important for ensuring its proper functioning. A simple reset of your pre-collision system is the perfect fix for your malfunctioning car issues.

The simple, yet effective reset method is to unplug your car battery before re-connecting it again. In most cases, if the cause of the issue is minor, it will be solved with this simple method. Otherwise, you can follow the simple steps below.

  • The first step is to ensure that the car fuse for the pre-collision system is not blown. This can be completed by checking your fuse box.
  • In the case where the fuse is blown, the next stage is to install a new fuse in the pre-collision system.
  • To proceed, your car battery should then be disconnected and then reconnected. With this step, the pre-collision and electronic system will be reset.

The solution listed above will only be effective if the issue with your pre-collision system is minor. If the measures above don’t work out, you will need to visit a professional mechanic. 

In most cases, major car issues are caused by complicated electrical problems that can’t be solved without the necessary field experience.

Why is Kia Forward Collision Avoidance Assist not Working & Fix

Why Is My Pre-Collision Assist Not Working?

There are a number of reasons why the pre-collision system of a vehicle malfunction. You risk having an accident that can be prevented when you ignore a pre-collision system issue, don’t gamble with your own safety. Listed below are the reasons why pre-collision assist might malfunction.

1. Blocked sensor issues

This is a rather simple issue that can be solved in a few easy steps. Nonetheless, it can still cause major difficulties when it first occurs due to extreme weather conditions such as snow, storms, dirt, or water in front of your car radar sensor

The sensor might find it difficult to detect objects. To fix this, you may usually clean the sensor. The system has developed a bug. You need to have your car undergo a quick inspection as soon as possible.

2. Malfunctioning Airbag Sensor

Another likely source of pre-collision system issues with the pre-collision system is a faulty airbag sensor. In most car models, modern and old, the airbag sensor can be found at the front of your car.

To solve the issue with the sensor, a simple method is to reset the sensor by reconnecting and unplugging your power supply. To complete this easy fix, simply detach the positive cable from the battery and wait it out for 2-3 minutes before reconnecting the cable. If this method doesn’t work, you will need to replace the airbag sensor.

3. Malfunctioning Tow Hitch

In a situation where your car has a tow hitch installed, if it isn’t set up properly, it can cause issues for your pre-collision system. This is because your radar sensor may become blocked if the tow hitch is not mounted correctly. 

To prevent the malfunctioning of your pre-collision system, this is something you need to pay attention to. It is important to deal with a skilled automotive technician when installing a tow hitch. Overall, the key to installing the tow hitch properly is to make sure it doesn’t block your radar sensor.

Why Is My Collision Warning Light On?

When your car is at risk of colliding with another object/surface or vehicle, your forward collision warning system light will come on or sound an alarm. When the collision warning lights up, be ready to use the brake and steer to a safer position.

Overall, the lights are built-in functions designed by car manufacturers to reduce the likelihood of accidents. In some cars, the collision system might even pull the brakes for you, you just need to react in time. For some advanced collision warning systems, the light might become more intense as your vehicle gets closer to another vehicle. 

How Does The Collision Avoidance System Work?

In simple terms, the pre-collision system is activated by the sensor when a collision is anticipated. This simple warning by the system can help to lessen the impact of the collision or in most cases, help you prevent it completely.

Although the collision avoidance system is not all-powerful, it can be considered to be very handy. It is a known fact that accidents are generally unforeseen in most cases. 

However, a pre-collision system designed with highly developed technology ensures your safety by making these accidents more predictable. To learn more about your collision avoidance system, you can contact your dealership or an automotive repair provider for more information.


The forward collision-avoidance assistance system plays an important role in vehicles. 

From keeping you safe to reducing how much you have to spend or budget for unnecessary repairs, it is truly a lifesaver. Therefore, ensuring that it is fully functional is of utmost importance. 

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